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Northern Light Convention 2023
Philipp Kruse
Independent Lawyer (Switzerland)

Duration: 56:20 | Tags: #Lawyers

Attorney at Law, LL.M.
Registered with the Bar Register of the Canton of Zurich.
Admitted to all courts in Switzerland.
Since Jan. 2021 Kruse | Law, law firm for commercial and constitutional law.
Sept.2018-2020 Canton of Lucerne, Tax Department: Head of Post-Taxes and Tax Penalties.
Since June 2020 Voluntary commitment to evidence-based and constitutional
Dealing with infectious Covid-19 (Div. legal briefs; panel discussions etc.).

Katherine Watt
Author (United States)

Duration: 19:16 | Tags: #Lawyers

American Law Enabling Global Democide: Suggestions for legislators, litigants & litigators. Katherine Watt presentation for Northern Light Conference, Bornholm Denmark, June 15-17, 2023, here in PDF.
Feb. 2023 Doctors for Covid Ethics presentation:
American Domestic Bioterrorism Program, Substack:
American domestic Bioterrorism Program
- Timeline of changes os US Law that camouflage intentional democide as public health emergency response
- Congressional Activity from 1910s to present.

Bobbie Anne Flower-Cox
Lawyer (United States)

Duration: 34:07 | Tags: #Lawyers

Bobbie Anne Flower Cox has been practising law in New York for 25 years. She has extensive experience suing government entities on behalf of her clients, particularly with regards to government overreach and unjust valuations. She recently won a historic lawsuit against New York Governor Hochul and her Department of Health, striking down their unconstitutional "quarantine camp" regulation. Shamefully, Governor Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James are appealing.
Bobbie Anne is also a Fellow at the Brownstone Institute, and she writes a popular weekly blog on Substack called, "Knowledge is power!"
Follow Bobbie Anne at: and her website.

John Beaudoin, Sr.
Bsc Computer and Systems Engineering, MBA (United States)

Duration: 59:17 | Tags: #Lawyers

Government Abuse and Corruption
John Beaudoin, Sr.: Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Systems Engineering, an MBA in Management, and worked more than 30 years in the semiconductor research and development industry; COVID dataset forensic analyst on government abuse and corruption. Most importantly, I'm a father who raised three sons and I care deeply about the children being harmed.
Then FYI for you, here are links to my federal lawsuit against Gov Baker, PH Commissioner, Chief ME, and 4 individual MEs in Massachusetts.
For all the data and research papers that I've seen or done, EXHIBIT F remains the single greatest compilation of evidence against the vaccine anywhere.
For lawsuit and EXHIBIT F, go to:
There is also an 80 slide presentation at that website:

Mark Sexton, Hannah Rose, Philip Hyland
Retired police officer Mark Sexton (United Kingdom)

Duration: 32:01 | Tags: #Lawyers

Retired police officer Mark Sexton, lawyers Hannah Rose, Philip Hyland at the Northern Light Convention
Philip Hyland, the brilliant, determined and courageous, disarmingly humble British lawyer (Philip famously won the notorious UK High Court free speech case in December 2021 for Dr Sam White against the General Medical Council here

Warner Mendenhall
Lawyer (United States)

Duration: 52:43 | Tags: #Lawyers

AN Ohio lawyer specializing in whistleblower cases explains the sheer magnitude of pharmaceutical company employees who know that the mRNA shots are killing people worldwide.
Warner Mendenhall has been active politically all his life. He has used his experience in local government and his training in the law to help citizens fight corruption. Mendenhall has “a passion for helping to give ordinary people the power to stand up to government abuses and corporate fraud.”

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