Northern Light Convention

15th-17th June 2023 in Bornholm, Denmark
40+ International Speakers

Mads Palsvig

Welcome to the upcoming
Northern Light Convention 2023
on Nordstream Island's People's Meeting

Dear All,

Northern Light Convention 2023 takes place this year 15-17 June 2023 from Thursday to Saturday on the internationally very famous Danish island: Bornholm - the island closest to the terror attack on Nordstream Island.

40+ speakers, many big international names, including two generals from the US Army, numerous doctors, the authors, politicians, activists and lawyers who are currently working on all fronts including trials against the crimes committed against humanity.

Our event takes place as part of the annual "People’s gathering", in Danish "Folkemøde".
Read more about the Folkemødet here:

The “Folkemoede” could indeed be a beautiful example of democracy, a chance for the politicians to meet the people in open debate and for people to listen to presentations and speeches.

However Denmark is a place where the people work for the technocrats, who take their orders from foreign privately owned organizations and 'think tanks' and through the brainwashing mainstream television maintain the people in the illusion that we live in a democracy with respect for human rights and respect for the Constitution.

I am certain this years speakers will shed light on many topics and present facts not mentioned in the Danish mainstream media.

All the best and enjoy!
Mads Palsvig,
Cand jur, HD Finansiering, CFA Investment Management, Chair of The Prosperity Party

40+ speakers, many international names including two US Army Generals, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, numerous doctors, authors, politicians, activists and lawyers.

  • Alex Krainer, Author and Investment Manager (Croatia), The Conflict between Russia and the West
  • His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò (Vatican)
  • Bobbie Anne Flower-Cox, the lawyer who recently won a crucial case in the Supreme Court of New York State (USA)
  • Christine Massey (CAN), Virology on Trial
  • Daniel Estulin, Dr Political Science, author of 18 books, professor (Mexico and Canada), Global Projects at War
  • Professor Dolores Cahill (Ireland), All Men & Women are liable for their actions/omissions
  • Dr Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, American physician and founder of Truth for Health Foundation (USA)
  • Dr Gerry Brady, (Australia), Proper practice of medicine
  • Glenn Dormer MD (SWE), False pandemic to real slavery
  • Dr J J Couey advisor to Robert F Kennedy Junior (USA), Control of human beings through medical tyrrany
  • James Patrick, Planet Lockdown Filmdirector, Economist (USA), National Sovereignty vs. Globalism
  • Janis Plavins, Lawyer, dipl.iur., MBA (Latvia), Globalist Terror Reparations Act. Legal framework
  • John Beaudoin Sr, Bsc Computer and Systems Engineering, MBA (USA), Government Abuse and Corruption
  • John Kitson, politician (ENG), Digital ID. The Final Lockdown
  • John Leake (USA) author, The courage to face Covid-19
  • Johnny Vedmore, Journalist (Chile and UK), The Gain of Function Industry
  • Dr Judy A Mikovits (USA), Plague of Corruption
  • Katherine Watt, Nat Science Degree, Paralegal (USA), WHO/BIS/DoD initiatives that undermine sovereignty
  • Dr Kevin Corbett (UK), The history of AIDS and its links to COVID-19
  • Kynthea, Annetta Driscoll and Timothy Saunders (USA, USA and Turkey), Boycott tyranny. The Other Side of The News Show
  • Dr Lee Merritt MD (USA), Ohio Chemical Spill - It's Not What You Think
  • Dr Mark Bailey, Author (New Zealand), The Covid19 Fraud and War on Humanity
  • Dr Med Maria Hubmer-Mogg (Austria), From masspsychosis to crowdresilience
  • Mascha Orel founder of We for Humanity (Germany and former Soviet Union), There is no freedom without free media
  • Meredith Miller, Author and Holistic Coach (USA), Psychological torture and Stockholm Syndrome
  • Monica Smit, Managing Director (Australia), Reignition of democracy and global walkout
  • Major General US Army Paul E Valleley (USA), Americas Endgame for the 21st Century and The Mindless War
  • Nigel Utton, Head Teacher (ENG), Education Charter of World Freedom Alliance
  • Lieutenant Colonel Peter C Chambers, American military medical doctor, US Army Special Forces (USA)
  • Dr Phillip Altman (Australia), The safety and efficacy of Covid-19 jabs
  • Philipp Kruse, Lawyer (Switzerland), WHO: Hope or threat for health, for human rights and for democracies?
  • Dr Rima Laibow (USA), WHO: All American Death Star
  • Dr Roger Hodkinson MD, is a medical specialist in pathology, a graduate of Cambridge University, (Canada and UK)
  • Sarah Westall, journalist (USA), Sarah Westall Show
  • Professor Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany), RNA-injections: the path to heaven or to hell?
  • Sue Grey, Lawyer, Bsc Microbiology (New Zealand), Strategic and legal advice in the battle for human rights
  • Dr C Stephen Frost BSc MBChB Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology (UK and Sweden), Is globalism good for humanity
  • Todd Callender, Lawyer (USA), Smoking Gun Proof of Biden's Treason?
  • Ulf Bejerstrand chairman of pol party Knapptryckarna (Sweden), Believe in yourself and fellow human beings
  • Lawyer Warner Mendenhall (USA), How to bankrupt Pfizer
  • Willem Engel, Msc Pharmaceutical Science (Holland), One health, the trojan horse for social engineering

The Prosperity Party is bringing three speakers this year.

  • Lene Bang, board, Activism and 28 important questions
  • Jimmi Roger Pedersen, vice-chair, The Climate Hoax
  • Mads Palsvig, chair, An Economic Policy that Removes Poverty

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